Welcome to CatalstCon22! A 2-day, virtual event, showcasing the best of Project Catalyst, since its inception. We will be hosting speakers, panelists, project demos, hackathons and more. Through this website, you can apply for a role on the CatalystCon planning and events team, or register for the event itself one the link becomes active.

Similar to our WADACC21 last year, except a wider scope, including all of Catalyst, but with a second day focus on communities and regions, spotlighting Africa in particular.

4 hours of presentations, panels, demos – 1hr of breakouts (exhibitions, onboarding workshops, interactive sessions)

Featured Catalyst

Project owners and contributors to present for 5-10 min on their highlights so far, what they have accomplished, links to product pages or demos.

Featured Catalyst

Challenge team leads and members to give an overview of their challenges and what has been accomplished so far.

General Catalyst

Knowledgeable members of the community to present on Catalyst or be involved in a panel discussion.

Other Contributors

Those projects who may be niche, or have an interesting use case are welcome to present also on how Catalyst has impacted them, and in turn, what they predict their future impact will be on the Cardano community, or Catalyst itself.


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